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                                                   My name is Cecile, I’m French.

                                                   I grew up in a small village in eastern France.

                                                   As little girl, my dream was to build an house in the garden of my parents…

                                                   After 4 years of University studies and an additional vocational training al specialized educator, I                                                     dedicated myself to help people in difficulty (disabled children, teenagers in youth Centre and                                                         warded adults)

                                                   As young woman, my dream was to engaged me deeply in my job and to find the ideal work/life                                                           balance in the wonderful city of Metz where I had everything I needed to be  happy…


                                                   I felt in love with my boyfriend, native from Metz but working in Liechtenstein…

                                                   It was for me obvious that our love story should take place in our beloved city, among our common                                                     friends…

                                                   One and half year later, I left Metz, with a couple of furniture and my cat to settle in the Swiss                                                       mountains without speaking any German word… I decided to make a strength out of my weakness and started to work as French teacher in several schools (Klubschule Migros, NLI, Gymnasium in Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein University and the Scuola Vivante).

As woman, my dream was to have an happy life in the mountains with my lover…


7 years later, our daughter Hisae was born. And 2 and half years later, our second daughter Mahdo arrived.

While Mahdo was celebrating her 4 months, we got married and said goodbye to all our friends during our wedding


We had decided to move to Shanghai in China for a couple of years to discover new cultures and to travel in the

whole Asia !

My dream, as Cécile, was to find a personnel project, in which I could fulfill and develop myself during this



Thus, I decided to learn how to sew. It was something that was fascinating me since ever but that I did not take

the time to try before.

I met Yacheng, an extraordinary woman who was offering sewing lessons in her traditional little house in the heart

of the old Shanghai. With her, I learned the basics of sewing but also had the chance to fully immerse myself completely in the Chinese culture thanks to all these shared moments.

I also learned a lot about myself. Until then, I was used to taking care of others, to interacting with others.

For the first time, I found myself alone with myself, facing fabrics, threads… with a final objective to achieve. It was so concrete, every move and every decision had an immediate consequence!
















After 5 years of fabulous encounters, incredible discoveries and an equally interesting meeting with myself…

We moved back to Switzerland.

Now, my dream is to share my passion for sewing with others through my creations but also through creative workshops where every child and teenager can express themselves through sewing!

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